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Guia de certificacion Halal

Halal Guide


Spanish companies with Halal Guarantee Certification



1. Guide What is Halal ?

Halal Guide is an advertising company specializing in companies that are certified Halal Assurance .

2. How  can guide Halal help my companie ?
Halal Guide can help in three ways : through telling them about this page dedicated to other companies or individuals requiring Halal certified products . Finding new customers looking for products or services with this certification and as a seeker of certified products you need for your production or service Halal .

3 . Can I update my information ?      Is the  information fixed ?

Halal Guide offers you a reliable and continuous service in which you can update your information at all times .

4. What information I can put on this page?

This page can be placed from the company logo , contact details , activity that engages and scope thereof , company description , photos , videos , and link directly to their website to place Halal that concerns you , plus a map of your business location to another mAP at individual and collective HALAL , which are all certified companies with direct access from it to their ad.

5. How many countries is Halal Guide ?

It is open to everyone .

6. How many languages ​​is translated Guiahalal ?

Halal Guide is translated into 6 languages ​​spoken : Spanish , English, Arabic , French, Portuguese and Russian.

7. How advertises Halal Guide ?

The objective of Halal Guide is to be present in social media more relevant .

8. Is this payment Guide?

The criterion is Halal Guide unit. All Spanish companies certified Halal Assurance Islamic Council have a place on this page . However, financial support is needed to maintain and improve , offset by improving the information of those who contribute financially to it.

9. How can this advertising cost ?

Halal Guide is an advertising tool where we have the opportunity to present our company to a large collective Halal interested in the world , it aims to be a meeting point for Halal trade in Spain , where we can monetize our company find new customers.

10 . How  can I certify my company ?

Addressing Halal certification companies .

11. How long does it take to certify my company ?

Depending on the activity of the company, between one and three months.


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